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My MVW Experience

This year I'm happy to proudly compete for the title of Miss Virtual World 2014 with the title of MISS V♛ IRELAND and on this page I will write about  all the challenges that I will face it with passion and dedication doing always my best.

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Live Audition of August

First Challenge 22 September - Bride

My inspiration for this dress comes from the fact that every woman is a princess and that's why I chose to add to my outfit a wide and fluffy skirt . But at the same time, each of us have an hidden passionate side and that I wanted to represent by some red flowers.

Dress by ISON 
Gown by Celestinas Weddings
Flowers by Gizza
Hair by D!va
MakeUp by MUA
Necklace by Virtual Impressions

Second Challenge - Opera - Lyudmila & Ruslan

The dress was inspired by the Princess Lyudmila of the Russian opera by Glinka "Lyudmila and Ruslan"

Third Challenge - Kattaca 

I love being particular and unique here is why the avant-garde style fully reflects my nature. I preferred create on my own the makeup for be able to better express myself and my style.

The official portrait for Miss Virtual World

ModeLS Interview 

This is my first interview on ModeLS Magazine. YaaaYY. Thank you so much to BonieFacio Resident!

Fourth Challenge - Halloween

The style is inspired by Ereshkigal, goddess of hell according to Sumerian mythology. Elegant and regal in her darkness.

Fifth Challenge - Garbage

My inspiration for this dress, which I have handmade my own using garbage bags filled with recycled paper and adorned it with red roses, stems from the fact that if we recycle all we can, we could give new life to a world that perhaps we are mistreating more than it deserves

Sixth Challenge - Press 

The original shoulders are the basis of all the transformation, seeing them my imagination is went wild and took me to transform the original beautiful dress by Utopia in an outfit between the futuristic and avant-garde style that fully reflects my being.

Seventh Challenge - SwimSuit 

Eighth Challenge - Victoria Secret

My inspiration for this challenge comes from Cupid, figure from Roman mythology, the god (transformed in goddess in this case) of the erotic desire and love, of the attraction, affection and beauty. Legend has it that if one of the arrows launched from her bow get to your heart, you will fall in love deeply and perhaps eternally.

Ninth Challenge - Timeless

My inspiration comes from a woman's immortal style, that could have been worn in the past times and that could be worn in future times without ever deface showing her style

FINALE - 14th Dicember 2013

NATIONAL DRESS - My inspiration comes from the ancient Celtic culture typical of the Ireland. Solidea Folies have made her great dress that give to the Miss a great carachter, the Lazuri Jewelery have been carefully created specifically for Shanty as well as shoes by BSD Design. Her Celtic outfit is completed with MakeUp and Nails by {MUA} that Shanty was created specifically for her dress.

FORMAL DRESS - My inspiration comes from a splendid Christmas's Angel, bringer of joy and serenity. The dress is made by the expert hands of Chrysalis's Designer, the jewelery in a perfect match with the dress are made by Lazuri and all is completed by the MakeUp and Nails by {MUA} specially created for this dress.

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